Experience Life

The Experience Life is all about the essence of life - those new experiences that inspire us and cause us to grow.  It's about those moments and products we experience that we have to share on social media, tell our friends about, and discuss over the dinner table with our families.

My hope is that this blog inspires you to try new things, learn about how others are creating experiences, and inspire you to do the same whether at work or at play.

It's your life.  What will you experience?


About the Author

I've been fortunate to see and experience so many things in my life.  As a child, my parents strongly believed in helping me to experience all life had to offer, in hopes that my experiences would lead to be a more well-rounded individual.  What better way to learn about the Declaration of Independence then going to Philadelphia and seeing it live, or to learn about the big city by walking the streets of New York? 


As an adult, I've had more experiences than I can count.  I love being a modern-day Renaissance man:  I've been a professional wrestler, authored my own column, booked bands, planned weddings, worked on cruise ships, traveled the world, worked with major fortune 500 brands, celebrated at major iconic sporting events, and collaborated with celebrities and athletes.  I feel like I've already lived a dozen lives, and I want you inspire you to feel the same.

This blog is a celebration of life and some of the coolest experiences that I've had, or, that I see coming on the horizon.  I hope it inspires you to experience all the best that life has to offer, and that you truly live your best life.

Your life is your own screen play.  What content will be in your film?

-Matthew Kenagy

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