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Anybody seen a ghost? Check out these Ghostbuster filming locations in New York City!

Looking back over 35 years since the original movie was released, I'm still not sure there was a movie that captured my imagination as much as Ghostbusters. As a child, I instantly fell in love with the characters, the story, and the special effects. In 1984 with a modest budget and CGI years away, you had to be impressed with the movies ability to bring ghosts "to life". From Slimer to the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man, Ghostbusters brought a ton of fun for me as I imagined becoming a Ghostbuster when I grew up.

As a self-proclaimed movie buff, I am more than delighted to suspend my disbelief to be whisked away to a different world and time with unique and exciting characters. And, as an adult, I have always found myself trying to find the shooting locations for my favorite movies. It's a further suspension of my disbelief - almost breaking the fourth wall in a way - that further brings these movies to life for me with childlike wonderment.

If you are a fan of Ghostbusters, there are many locations in New York to check off your list for that unique photo opportunity. Here are a few of my favorites:

Columbia University

The hero title shot from the movie comes from Columbia University off 116th and Broadway. This location is where we first meet Venkman, Stantz, and Spengler where they are researching Psychology and Parapsychology prior to getting dismissed from the University and going into business together. Check out the library steps while you are there as well, where the guys are discussing the plans to go into business for themselves.

The New York Public Library

The location of our first ghost encounter, the New York Public Library (at Bryant Park between 5th and 6th) brought us the reality that ghosts could indeed, in fact, be real. Note the main steps with the iconic lion statues, as well as where the guys went running out of the building when they were scared by the library ghost.

If the season and timing is right, you can also enjoy man of Bryant Park's seasonal activities like movies in the Park and their winter festivities near the holidays.

The library itself frequently hosts traveling exhibitions and tours. So, while you might not be in the market to check out a book, you may be able to review an art exhibit or two while you are there.

Central Park

Ah...Louis Tully, everyone's favorite Accountant, who had his Christmas party ruined by Zuul's attempted takeover of New York City. When the Terror Dog chases Louis out of his apartment, he runs across the street into Central Park and pounds on the glass of Tavern on the Green, screaming "Let me innnnnnn!" To his dismay, no one does, but I highly recommend visiting Tavern on the Green for dinner or weekend brunch.

There are a number of great walking trails throughout the park, and you can find other hidden treasures within the park itself that were used in other iconic television and motion pictures, like the Bethesda Fountain, featured in the opening credits of Friends and where George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer are running through rain puddles in One Fine Day.

Dana Barrett's Apartment

She lived in the corner of Spook Central, and this building was centrally important to the plot of the movie.

You'll find the building at 55 Central Park West, right next to Holy Trinity Church, an unfortunate victim of the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man. When you first see the building, you realize that it still looks exactly as it did in the film. However, upon glancing up, you'll find it a lot shorter than it is portrayed in the movie, where the iconic battle scene with Zuul to place on the roof.

It's fun to think of how the street scenes were likely filmed, with the iconic Ecto 1 driving down the street with the police escort and delighting fans with the site of some of the most iconic comedians of the era.

Hook and Ladder 8

Finally, your Ghostbusters tour wouldn't be complete without a visit to Hook and Ladder 8, which is a real working firehouse. The firehouse is located at 14 Moore Street in Tribeca, and was originally opened in 1903. The firehouse has been used in a number of other productions, including Hitch.

The exteriors of the building were used for filming and the interiors were on a sound stage in Los Angeles. There are two logos drawn in chalk on the ground in front of the buildings, forever commemorating the site as the home of the Ghostbusters.

I know what Ghostbusters fans are thinking - what about the Sedgewick Hotel, Slimer's favorite haunt? The Sedgewick is actually the Millennium Biltmore hotel in downtown Los Angeles, so if you find yourself on the left coast, you'll have a piece of Ghostbusters history to find there too!

Have you ever seen any iconic filming locations in real life? If so, which ones?


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