• Matthew Kenagy

Attend one Super Bowl in your lifetime.

I was never sure I would attend the Big Game in my lifetime. Even when my beloved Green Bay Packers made it to Super Bowl XXXI, XXXII, and XLV, I didn't think about attending. I always thought attending the NFC Championship Game at Lambeau Field with fellow Packer fans would be the greatest football experience I could have as a Packer fan. Seeing the friendly surroundings of Lambeau Field with fellow Packer fans, cheering my team on to a win, and fondly sending them off to the Super Bowl would be the greatest experience I could imagine.

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to attend Super Bowl LIV in Miami where the Kansas City Chiefs won their first Super Bowl in decades. Although I'm not a Kansas City fan, I was cheering for them - it was hard not to. The team felt like that of destiny with a coach who deserved it after a number of years of getting very close, to a young Quarterback soon to become the face of the league, I was pulling for the KC faithful who had been waiting so many years to see their team come out on top.

The thing that surprised me most (and that I didn't expect) was how engaged I was in the entire weekend's activities, and, with the game itself. I wasn't a fan of either team, but the incredible pomp and circumstance of the Super Bowl was majestic. From the military flyover to the Pepsi Halftime Show featuring Jennifer Lopez and Sharika, it was non stop excitement from the introduction of the teams to the final coronation of the Champions.

I'm certainly glad I was able to have this experience once it my lifetime. What do you think? Is the Super Bowl something you would like to experience once in your lifetime?


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