• Matthew Kenagy

Columbia Aquaverse Looks Awesome!

Updated: May 5

Columbia Aquaverse in Thailand look to bring movies to life in a new incredible theme park experience.

Ok. This looks amazing. The video had me at Bad Boys.

Columbia recently announced its new Aquaverse Theme Park in Thailand, and it's making me want to book a flight asap.

The lineup of attractions includes features and rides around some of Columbia's hottest IP, including Bad Boys, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, The Emoji Movie, Ghostbusters, Hotel Transylvania, Jumanji, Men in Black, Surf's Up, and Vivo. Digging further into the website, you'll find rides, attractions, meet and greets with characters, and more. I really hope there is a 100 ft Marshmallow Man next to the innertube slide and a chance to hang with Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett on South Beach.

Let's look at their website and see what we can find. I find eight move-themed rides and zones and MORE THAN 100 water features including high-speed slides, lazy rivers, wave pools, free-falls, go-kart racing, mini golf, and Flowriding. It also looks like live music and food are a big part of the experience. I can't wait to see more as information continues to be released in anticipation of their opening in Q4 2021.

Speaking of Columbia Pictures, (and this is a total aside) is anyone else as excited for Ghostbusters: Afterlife as I am? The new movie premieres November 11, so get your proton packs ready. I hope the mini marshmallow men find there way the Aquaverse along with their 100-ft bigger brother.

What part of Aquaverse are you most excited about, and, where else would you like to see them build another Aquaverse location?


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