• Matthew Kenagy

Stadium Concert? Yes, Please.

If you are a concert lover, HEAR me on this. Listen up. If you have the chance to go to a concert in a STADIUM - not an ampitheater, arena, theater, or concert hall, but a true honest-to-God open-air stadium. Take it. And sit on the field as close to the stage as you can, so you can feel what the entertainer is feeling. It's a rush like no other.

I've been to many concerts in stadiums before from Miller Park to Dodger Stadium, and there's still nothing like the open air feeling of your favorite performer singing your favorite song with 50,000 people voices singing along raining down upon you.

A few years ago, I had the privilege of attending Sam Hunt and Luke Bryan's performances at Dodger Stadium. This would be the first time a country performer had EVER played Dodger Stadium. Sam and Luke made history that night, and they knew they would. They put on a show you would never forget. The concert itself lasted nearly three hours through the mid-afternoon heat past sunset and into the early evening. It was a beer-fueled evening of the best country music had to offer. They not only were the first artists to play the venue, but they were also the first to sell it out.

From the elaborate stage construction to the frequent fireworks celebration on the final song, there's nothing quite like a concert in a stadium. The scene itself feels almost larger than life, and you frequently have to remind yourself you're sitting on the outfield while your favorite artist is playing from an incredible stage in front of the cheap seats you and your buddies purchased to drink beer and snag the occasional home run.

Acoustics are always a challenge in a stadium, especially an open-air stadium, although stadiums do maintain a bit of an amphitheater feel, especially baseball, with it's natural backdrop of seating from the first base to third base lines. There's nothing like an artist belting out one of their most popular hits and hearing the whole crowd sing along. And, as I mentioned before, sit as close to the stage on the field as possible. You'll experience what the artist experience when he or she is looking out at the stadium, and you'll understand why artists love stadium tours.

I can't recommend the concert stadium experience enough to anyone who has yet to experience it. Have any of you seen any concerts in stadiums? Would you agree that it was one of the best music experiences of your life?


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