• Matthew Kenagy

The Aquarium of the Pacific is Awesome! Come "sealife" for yourself!

Whenever I'm in Los Angeles, especially around the cruise port, I love to spend a half day or full day at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. The Aquarium features more than 100 exhibits and 19 major habitats. Let me walk you through some of my favorite exhibits.

The Lorikeet Forest is something you wouldn't expect in an aquarium, but it's a lot of fun. In this 5,000 square foot netted attraction, hundreds of these cute little birds fly overhead and may even land on your arm or shoulder as you are walking through the exhibit. As you can see, they are more than willing to pose for some amazing photos for you. Lorikeets are adorned with bright colors and almost seem to glow in the sunlight. You can also purchase a small cup of nectar if you'd like to feed them along the way.

Nearby, the Shark Lagoon allows you to peer through the glass to zebra sharks, grey reef sharks, and massive stingrays. Move along the pathway to find three shallow pools where you can reach in to touch bamboo and epaulette sharks in addition to eagle and manta rays.

Visit the gallery areas to see a wide array of sea life from the Northern Pacific, the Tropical Pacific, and the waters off California and Baja. Inside, you'll find incredible jellyfish, coral, sea turtles, puffins, and more. But, nothing tops the Sea Lion, Seal, and the Sea Otter habitats. Interact with them up close and personal through the various learning opportunities you have with the trainers throughout the day.

Tickets for the aquarium start at $26.95 for kids and $36.95 for adults with senior and group discounts available as well. For more information, visit

What's your favorite exhibit at the aquarium?


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