• Matthew Kenagy

Tried VR yet? If you're a Star Wars fan, this might just make you try it.

Star Wars Pinball in Virtual Reality

It's a fresh spin on an old classic, and boy does it look fun. And if you're a Star Wars fan, forget aboudit.

This just looks straight up cool. Imagine being able to immersive yourself in a Star Wars arcade, with Star Wars characters talking to you, Star Wars decor, and you can even go inside the pinball game itself!

I've tried a number of Virtual Reality games - Creed being my favorite play-at-home game thus far. There's nothing better than training with Rocky or fighting in an arena against Adonis Creed. It's quite the workout to say the least as you physically throw jabs, hooks, and uppercuts while bobbing and weaving to avoid your opponent's attack. I've also tried some pretty incredible games in the Hologate and games in the Void (ahem, Ghostbusters), which are second to none.

Have you tried any virtual reality games? Which ones are your favorites?


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